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By Mansour Abd al-Razik

This paper aimed to study the mosque of Bahram Pasha in Aleppo, Syria. This mosque known as alBahramyyia
mosque is considered to be one of the most important mosques in Aleppo that constructed in
Ottoman era. It was built in the end of (10th A.H/ 16th A.D century) by Bahram Pasha the governor of Aleppo,
he built it on Ottoman style and endowed a great Waqf to it. Here we studied the general plan of the
mosque, and tie between its architectural style and the parallel mosques in Aleppo and rest of the country, in
addition to analytical study of its architectural elements. The paper studied also the endowments of the
mosque that allocated by its founder in the city of Aleppo and other cities such as Gaza and Cairo, noting
that the majority of these endowments still remain especially in Aleppo. This paper includes also a number
of maps, illustration figures, photographic plates to the mosque and its endowments most of them published
for the first time.


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