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By January 29, 2020May 9th, 2020Vol. 6.1

By Liritzis, I., Laskaris, N., Vafiadou A., Karapanagiotis I., Volonakis, P., Papageorgopoulou, C., Bratitsi, M.


For over 70 years the introduction of natural sciences to archaeology and cultural heritage has been ever growing with multiple contributions to deciphering the past. Novel techniques, applied to almost all materi-al culture, and interdisciplinarity, converged to solving many questions regarding the living and evolution of humans, the environment they lived, the environmental reconstruction, their knowledge about things and the intangible heritage. Archaeometry or archaeological sciences is reviewed regarding major categories of specialties. Characterization and provenancing, dating methods, cyber-archaeology, location of antiquities with geophysical methods, archaeoastronomy, bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, conservation sciences, and major applications are discussed. Archaeometry is Science at the Service of Human History and Art.


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