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Cihan Altuntas, Serhan Hezer and Süleyman Kırlı

Cihan Altuntas, Serhan Hezer and Süleyman Kırlı

The historical structures and their heritages have been measured for documentation, touristic information and three-dimesional (3D) visualization on virtual museum. Many of the historical structures have complex details and difficult conditions to measureing of their all details. The proper measurement method should be selected for fast, lowcost and high accuracy 3D modelling of a great number of historical heritages. The image based methods of photogrammetry and dense point cloud are extensively used for three-dimensional modelling thanks to its low cost and easy implementation. In this study, historical masonry arch Dokuzunhan Bridge was measured for 3D modelling by using photogrammetry and dense point cloud methods, and the results of the methods were compared. The results show that these methods are accessible and affordable methods for 3D modelling of masonry arch bridges.


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