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Sunday, 19 November 2017 22:15


Written by  Sherine El Menshawy, Sumaya Al-Maadeed and Kalthoum Adam

This paper examines Ma'il Qur'an Leaf manuscript housed in Tareq Rajab Museum in Kuwait. It discusses the manuscript‘s vocalization, dating, script, writing material, special inks formulated for parchment and manuscript ‗s origin. The manuscript is not vocalized, it dates to the 1st c. AH (7th c. AD). It is written in H ijāzī script with the "slanting" writing. The manuscript scribe used a parchment as a writing material and an ink made of gallnuts (hibr). Originated propably from the Arabian Peninsula, writing lines appear to be uniformly distributed which implies the scribe concern to write in accurate style.

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